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Shoe Care

Cleaning and maintenance

Seal, Condition and Polish footwear regularly. This will vary according to the type of leather or suede.

Water and Stain Proofing:

All types of leather (excluding patents) should be water and dirt stain proofed with a good protector. Three light coats are needed initially, then one light application after every four wears.

Smooth Leather Cleaning:

When cleaning, remove dust with a damp cloth. Use a shoe cream for cleaning. This helps condition the leather and keeps it supple. Leave it on for 10 minutes then buff to a high shine. Never polish wet shoes. NOT for suede and nubuck leather or patent leather.

Patent Leather Cleaning:

Use a special patent leather polish to clean and shine. This polishes patent to a high shine and maintains and prolongs its life.

Suede Leather Cleaning:

If shoes are wet, first let them dry, then use a rubber sponge or soft brush to get rid of any dirt. Stains should be removed with Coxy All Net made for use on suede. Spray lightly over area to be cleaned and gently rub out the marks with a special suede or nubuck brush. Always treat both shoes as the colour may change slightly. Never put suede shoes in a washing machine or immerse them in water.

Nubuck Leather:

Treat the same as Suede Leather.

Scuff-resistant leather cleaning:

Remove minor scuffs simply by rubbing them with your hand. For deeper scrapes and scuffs, use a soft brush and a wax polish.

Size Chart

Size 6 37 size 4 37
Size 7 38 Size 5 38
Size 8 39 Size 6 39
Size 9 40 Size 7 40
Size 10 41 Size 8 41
Size 11 42 Size 9 42